Power Up Your Next Project

Power Up Your Next Project

Make sure your equipment is up to the task with power tool repair services

Are you experiencing problems with your professional-grade saw or personal drill? A skilled repair specialist from Downeast Sharpening Services can repair any tool on the market, including corded tools, battery operated tools and pneumatic tools.

We are able to work on small engines as well.

Contact us today to get an estimate on power tool repair services.

You'll love how thorough and efficient our process is

When you hire us for power tool repair services, we'll:

  • Clean out every nook and cranny of the machine to remove dust and debris.
  • Examine each part of the machine to locate and troubleshoot the problem.
  • Give you an estimate on any replacement parts that are needed.
  • Order necessary parts and complete your repair in a timely manner.
  • Return your tool to you so you can get back to business.
We'll keep you informed every step of the way. Call 207-812-1328 now to schedule power tool repair services.